The products purchased on website can be delivered throughout all Europe, and Italy (islands included).

The order will be delivered via carrier, to the delivery address communicated when the order was placed.

Express Carrier

All the orders are delivered through carrier. This shipment method with an express carrier guarantees the delivery of the order to the indicated address usually within 24/48 hours (from the moment the parcel is picked up by the carrier; 24/48 additional hours are required for Calabria and Islands).

All the prices published online are VAT INCLUDED.

Payments accepted

Pagamenti accettati

The required bank account details in order to make a bank wire transfer will be made clear in the purchasing process.

Horizon Wave is supported by the SECURED and CERTIFIED service offered by PayPal Business. Therefore, the credit cards authorized by this circuit are:

  • VISA

note. Credit Card payments will require operating costs equal to 2% of the total order value.

To all PAYPAL users and owners of a PAYPAL account or a PAYPAL debit card

Minimum shipping costs

Shipping costs are 25€ for orders with a value of less than 1000€

Orders exceeding the value of 1000€ will be totally free of shipping costs

International delivery services are not included

Shipping schedules
Deliveries are carried out on working days from Monday to Friday through express carrier services within 24/48 hours (as indicated above, islands are not included).

Normally, the carrier attempts to deliver the parcel twice within 09:00 and 18:00, to the ground floor front door of the building, at the address indicated by the customer. If the recipient is not present during the delivery attempts, the parcel will be stored – the customer can agree upon a further delivery with the carrier or pick up the parcel personally. After two days, if the package has not been claimed for a second delivery nor picked up, the order will be send back to the customer. Horizon Wave reserves the right to bill the shipping and storage costs to the customer.

When placing an order, please consider the following suggestions in order to have a successful delivery:

1. Indicate a shipping address when someone can be present during the hours scheduled for delivery (as an alternative, you can also choose to indicate your workplace)

2. Indicate the exact name on the doorbell

3. if the presence during delivery hours cannot be guaranteed, it is possible to ask for thee parcel to be held to pick up – in this case, the package will be stored and it can be picked up personally.

Receiving purchased products
IMPORTANT: the packages containing the purchased products are packaged by Horizon Wave using well-sealed bags or cardboard boxes – in this way, any attempt of damage or alteration can be visible. The packages are then given to the carrier and shipped; upon delivery, any signs of damages or apparent alterations (the customer cannot possibly be requested to identify this) need to result in a prompt rejection of the package delivery. In this case we suggest to give the parcel back to the carrier or to accept it as “subject to verification” in order to check the packaging later.

If the package has been damaged, the customer will have to send an e-mail to within 24 hours from the moment of delivery and provide us with information. We would like to remind the customers that Horizon Wave is not accountable for external damages reported after the delivery if the package was normally accepted.

PLEASE NOTE that the right of withdrawal can be exercised for possible malfunctioning or external damages.

What to do when you receive the order:

1. Verify that the package is intact.
2. If external physical damages are present on the packaging and/or product and are due to the transport, write a report describing the damages.
3. if the package does not have apparent damages or alterations accept the delivery.
4. if the parcel is nonstandard or has visible damages, refuse the delivery and fill out the acceptance form reporting the problems.
5. give the parcel back to the carrier.
6.Send an e-mail to Horizon Wave Customer Service and report the problem within 24 hours indicating the order reference.


+39 324 89 99 155

9:00 | 17:00 LUN – SAB


+39 324 89 99 155

9:00 | 17:00 LUN – SAB