Right of withdrawal, satisfied or refundedi

According to the Legislative Decree of 22/05/1999, no. 85 art. 5, which regulates distance contracts outside business premises, the customer can (if qualifiable as “consumer” according to the Legislative Decree of 22/05/199, no. 185 art. 1/b) withdraw from the contract and return the purchased products without any penalty nor explanation, within 10 (ten)working days of the date of delivery. Products like CDs, DVDs and VHSs are excluded from those terms.
The right of withdrawal cannot be implemented for the products personally picked up at the Horizon Wave offices according to his/her own wishes. This right is exclusively guaranteed to natural persons (consumers), and therefore cannot be exercised by legal persons neither by natural persons whose purposes are related to their possible job.

The right of withdrawal can be exercised by the customer, under penalty of forfeiture, by sending certified mail to Horizon Wave, situated in via Bologna 41a – 47042 Cesenatico (FC) Italia, within 10 (ten) working days from the date of delivery. The procedure described above can also be submitted via telegram or fax to Horizon Wave.

The returned goods have to be perfectly intact and accompanied by the original packaging – also, they will have to be approved by the Horizon Wave Customer Care staff, who will provide the customer with a Return Confirmation Number (RMA). When the customer receives the RMA, he/she can ship the product back to the following address: Horizon Wave, situated in via Bologna 41a – 47042 Cesenatico (FC) Italia. Cash-on-delivery parcels will not be accepted.

When the products are delivered back and approved by our Customer Care staff, Horizon Wave will credit the customer as soon as possible for the same amount of the purchased items (as indicated on the invoice) – if necessary, shipping costs will be deduced from this amount and therefore totally billed to the customer. Horizon Wave will not accept parcels without packaging, nor returned goods for which related payments are still pending. The possible re-shipping costs are completely billed to the customer.
The right of withdrawal will no longer be valid if the returned goods are not perfectly intact, which means:
• No original packaging
•Missing parts of the product (accessories, cables, manuals of instruction and further devices)
• Damaged products for reasons unrelated to the carrier chosen.
Furthermore, the right of withdrawal is no longer valid if the returned goods are not delivered to Horizon Wave within 7 days from the confirmation of the RMA number.

How to exercise the right of withdrawal:

–The right of withdrawal is applied in relation to the product in all his parts – it is not possible to return one single part of the purchased product;

– The right is not applied in relation to previously sealed products and to the other categories expressively excluded by the Legislative Decree 185/1999;

– The purchased goods have to be intact and returned together with the original packaging, completed in all its parts;

– In order to avoid damages to the original packaging, we recommend to use an additional packaging reporting the text “RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL”;

– In any case, avoid sticking labels or tapes directly on the original packaging material;

– According to the current legal procedures, the shipping costs related to returned goods are billed to the customer;

– The shipping is under the responsibility of the customer, until the confirmation of delivery at our warehouse;

– If the returned goods are damaged during the transport, Horizon Wave will inform the customer within 5 days from the date of delivery at the warehouse, in order to let him/her lodge a complaint towards the carrier chosen and obtain a refund for the same value of the goods (if insured). In this case, the products can be returned by the customer and the return request will be canceled

– Under no circumstances is Horizon Wave responsible for the damage, theft/loss of returned goods shipped with no insurance or tracking number;

– After being delivered at the warehouse, returned goods will be examined in order to check the presence of possible damages or alterations not related to the transport. If the package and/or the original packaging result to be damaged, Horizon Wave will deduct a percentage for the refund amount – this percentage will not be more than 10% of the value itself and is a contribution for the repairing costs. Exception made for the repairing costs owed in case of damages to the original packaging, Horizon Wave will refund the customer for the total amount already paid within 15 days from the delivery of returned goods, transferring this amount to the customer’s account. In this last case, the customer will need to promptly communicate the bank account details to get his/her refund (IBAN code of the invoice holder). The right of withdrawal is no longer valid if Horizon Wave verifies that the fundamental prerequisite of integrity of the goods is missing (in relation to the packaging or goods themselves): the outer packaging and/or the original internal packaging are missing; lack of completing parts of the product; damages to the product not related to the transport. If the right of withdrawal cannot be applied, Horizon Wave will promptly return the purchased goods, billing the shipping costs to the customer.


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+39 324 89 99 155

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