rilassarsi con sup in mezzo al mare

SUP is a great way to relieve STRESS!

ANXIETY and STRESS are the two major phenomena on the rise in modern society. It is a fact that in modern society, especially in Western society, more and more people suffer from states of anxiety and stress.

A society very focused on appearances, where the mass media increasingly inculcate “misleading” messages (we must be beautiful and fit, have a perfect home and family, a job of a certain level).

But not only that, ours is a society of duties, competitive and frenetic that requires “multitasking”, several different activities and tasks to be carried out at the same time, where paradoxically even pleasant things become stressful. And it is precisely this aspect, according to experts, to send people into tilt the most.

Furthermore, the recent socio-economic turmoil caused by the pandemic has further increased these phenomena. And just as we are experiencing an unprecedented global health crisis that has undoubtedly increased stress levels around the world, more and more people are now looking for solutions to alleviate all this tension.


Our antidote to stress is called Stand Up Paddle.

SUP is great exercise

Exercise is one of the most important and effective tools we have at our disposal to fight stress and anxiety.

SUP is very different from a workout in the gym. It is a complete sport, which affects all the muscles of our body, and which has the location in which it is practiced more than closed places. Water, sea, lake, ocean, open air, contact with nature … and here the release of ENDORFINE, the so-called happiness hormone, is guaranteed! Furthermore, we will never stop repeating to you that the natural vitamin D of the sun is absorbed in the open air!

Are you skeptical? Here are some more details about ENDORPHINS: these precious chemicals are released from our brain during physical activity and are considered “natural painkillers”. They improve mood, reduce pain, increase pleasure and even help you sleep better. And they are obviously a natural stress reliever.

SUP is a challenge you can win

When the list of daily things to do is long and problems pile up, it is not uncommon to lock yourself in a sequence of negative thoughts that distract you from reality and make it difficult to solve even a small problem.

Similarly, small successes, which bring you closer to the final goal, increase self-esteem by giving you the momentum needed to complete a project. The challenge of taking on a new sport like SUP will fill you with a real sense of personal satisfaction.

SUP improves personal awareness

In a very practical way, SUP requires self-awareness. You need to know where and how to place your feet on the board. You need to understand the best paddle grip to handle your board and slide it on the water. You need to know how to engage your CORE to provide stability and power when on the go.

By focusing on your body coordination, you can also align your breath with your exercise. As you balance all of these physical elements to stay afloat, you will most likely be more in touch with yourself than you have been all day.

Focusing your energy on being aware of your body and how you move with water is a natural and healthy way to relieve stress because you are effectively avoiding the negative thoughts that spin your mind.

The SUP is mind blowing

While you are on your sup, you find your inner balance and follow the rhythm of the water and how to flow with it, what are you doing? You are literally rebalancing yourself with the universe.

But beyond that, we found that doing sup regularly awakens in oneself a deeper awareness of nature and its immensity. Whether you’re rowing on still water or rowing in the current, it’s hard not to come out with a greater respect for the size and power of nature.

Being aware of the vastness of nature and its forces arouses an amazement that turns into a sense of peace. It takes us outside of ourselves, of our ego, and pushes us to think beyond all the personal hassles and stressors of our life.

You can SUP by sharing time with others.

Man is not made to be alone. Sup is an individual activity that you can practice alone but also with your family, friends, colleagues, at sea there are no problems of space and gathering.

Spending time with important people in your life is a great way to relieve stress, especially during this time that forces us to stay away. Being surrounded by positive vibes and people who make you feel good provides a sense of tranquility.

We are convinced that SUP is one of the most accessible, immediate and direct paths to achieve a healthier, calmer and more fulfilling life.

Perhaps achieving a completely stress-free existence is just a utopia. However, we are sure that SUP is a small solution to relieve stress a little at a time, at this point give it a try!


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+39 324 89 99 155

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