The novelty of the SAFE 2019 summer is her: AIR ISLAND, the MULTIFUNCTIONAL INFLATABLE PLATFORM

► Sunbathe, relax at the water level, adding another dimension to the experience of your guests on the boat ► Yoga and fitness – Allow your guests to discover an alternative and peaceful place to improve their fitness and meditation ► This platform offers the possibility of having your own private island and freedom from the confines of the Yacht ► Ideal for the boat: it turns into a fantastic extension of the aft platform, covered by a non-slip surface with an incredible stability ► This platform is also a safe place for aquatic activities ► Enjoy the freshness of the sea breeze, the warmth of the sun and the calming movement of the water ► Floating raft – Can be a solid floating raft for yacht maintenance, a stable base on which you can work for cleaning the hull or as a means of support for repairs while the boat is in the water


• Stable in water • Easy to maneuver in water • Fast to take out thanks to 8 neoprene handles on the non-slip pad • Safe and fully anti-slip thanks to the extended pad cover


• Customize the configuration you want • Add more platforms and continue to extend the platform • Adding the connection kit between one platform and another you can configure a variety of combinations • The connection kit acts as a bumper preventing the platform from getting up and lower each other


• Double layer construction of PVC and triple layer in the edge • PVC with excellent resistance to UV fading • Durable pad finish with teak graphics


• Fast to inflate and deflate • Fast to assemble to other modules • 28.5kgs maximum platform weight • Easy to store

► The Safe PLATFORM can be assembled to other platforms and give life to multiple configurations for a multitude of uses … offering leisure, water sports, yoga, fitness, sundeck, shore extension and yacht maintenance options like floating raft.

► There is no limit to the length of the platform you can create with the addition of modules and using the steel rings on the edge, each module can be connected to another.

The exclusive CONNECTION KIT

► offers you the possibility to configure your quay in a variety of configurations … this KIT works like a bumper, prevents the platforms from getting up and down on each other at sea. It also prevents possible entrapment between connected platforms.

Find out all the details of AIR ISLAND here :


+39 324 89 99 155

9:00 | 17:00 LUN – SAB


+39 324 89 99 155

9:00 | 17:00 LUN – SAB

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